Weddings: Gary & Debbie

H-Resort, Mahé Island, Seychelles  |   Gary & Debbie  |   United Kingdom


Gary & Debbie, both from the UK, decided to have an intimate beach wedding with only two and a half guests (well one was a baby), friends of theirs who were living in Seychelles at the time. They chose the H-Resort as their location.

As the plan was to then go home to the UK and have a reception with all their family and friends, it was very important that they got some really great photography of their wedding in Seychelles, so that they could compile a slideshow to play at their event back home. Seyido was honoured to have been chosen to do Gary & Debbie’s wedding Photography in Seychelles.

The couple were very fun and relaxed, and this comes through in their photographs. All-in-all it was a great occasion and was enjoyed by all.

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