Honeymoon: Bami & Chase


La Digue Island, Seychelles  |   Bami & Chase  |   South Korea


Bami & Chase, newlyweds from South Korea, fulfilled their dream and came to honeymoon in Seychelles. Naturally, they wanted photography of their time here, and Seyido were delighted to be chosen as their photographer in Seychelles. 

The couple were doing a bit of an island hop, but we eventually chose La Digue Island to do their photography on. La Digue is a small island, and the main mode of transport is the bicycle. Our photographer not only captured their photos, but also acted as a tour guide for the couple, showing them all the main attractions of the island. This was great for the photography, as it allowed us to capture many different locations and add a variety of scenes to their photography. 

Client Review

"Thank you for your beautiful photos, we love them!"


Bami & Chase, South Korea


"When I reviewed those photos, I was really happy to remember those beautiful times in Seychelles and taking photos with you. We really enjoyed the time with you, since you were really dedicated to us during the time - not only taking the photos, You guided us where to see, and sincerely showed beautiful scenes in La Digue. Although riding bikes to the beach was quite hard, but the scenes were worth it and I think I was lucky to meet you at the Seychelles. Thank you for your beautiful photos again and enjoy beautiful days at there!"

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