This is Cool! Love Grows Beautiful Things

Love Grows Beautiful Things

Love Grows Beautiful Things - such a cool idea for adding something extra to weddings in Seychelles!

We don't usually advertise anything on this blog, but we thought that this was such a cool idea that we just had to share! And if you are planning on getting married in Seychelles and are considering choosing Four Seasons Resort as your venue / accommodation option, then this idea is a cool way to commemorate your special day!


The "Love Grows Beautiful Things" Initiative

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles have launched an interesting new initiative called "Love Grows Beautiful Things," in support of the Petite Anse Reef Restoration Project.

The project sees the restoration of the reef through a delicate and painstaking process, whereby the reef is slowly restored by transplanting live coral one piece at a time on top of the skeleton of the old reef.

With the launch of the Love Grows Beautiful Things initiative, Four Seasons is offering newlyweds and honeymooners staying at the resort an opportunity to commemorate their love and become a part in creating something 'beautiful' that will live on for eternity in the new reef. How? By offering couples the chance to sponsor a coral fragment that will be transplanted into the reef, becoming a living and growing testament to your love.

Four Seasons Seychelles and WiseOceans are hoping to restore 10,000 square meters of reef, and now you can become a part of making that goal a reality!

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This is what the resort is offering, according to the "Love Grows Beautiful Things" brochure:

"You couldn’t have picked a more beautiful or romantic place to celebrate your marriage. As your love grows in your new life together, Four Seasons invite you to mark the special occasion by sponsoring a coral fragment, so that it can begin its new life as you begin yours.

‘Love Grows Beautiful Things’ enables you to support the Petite Anse Reef Restoration Project by sponsoring a coral fragment together as a couple.

During this experience, WiseOceans, our onsite marine educators, can help you discover the marine life of Petite Anse. They will show you our underwater coral nursery, where your sponsored coral fragment will grow until it is strong enough to be transplanted back onto the reef.

With your help, we hope to reach our goal of restoring 10,000 square metres of reef so that they and all of the other marine life, can continue to thrive."


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